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Trade Forex Overview is an Introducing Broker worldwide for FXCM Inc (FXCM) and Gain Capital Holding Inc. ( When you open and deposit funds into an account with FXCM or through a referral from, you get everything the brokers have to offer PLUS educational and trading services from You also get a cash rebate for every round turn forex trade you place.

Once you are ready to open an account, make sure you access your application through the website in order to be recognized as a referral and receive cash back. Click here to learn more about the rebate program.

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The forex trading platforms available are as follows:


Trading Station II
Ideal for new traders and experienced discretionary traders
24-Hour online Forex trading†
Trade in mini-lots of $10,000
Quick and easy execution
Trade from real-time charts
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Fully customizable platform
Advanced charting
Automated strategies
Quick and easy execution
Research and technical analysis
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Metatrader 4
Ideal for programmers and advanced traders
Advanced charting
Expert advisers
Program your own trading strategies
Custom indicators
Free open source trading platform
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Managed Account
Ideal for people with little or no time
Professional fund managers
Add or withdraw funds at any time
Monitor account activity in real-time
Funds held at FXCM
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† Subject to available liquidity, the trading desk is open from 5:15 pm (ET) Sunday afternoon to 4:55 PM (ET) on Fridays. Orders placed prior may be filled until 5 PM (ET). Please note that Price Improvements are not available for market orders when "Market Range" is set to zero.