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Education OVERVIEW offers forex training courses taught by Al "Gunny" Davis. The courses range from basics for beginners to advanced applications like Elliott Wave Theory and Analysis.

Courses may be taken individually, in related groups, or as a total package. Pricing improves with the number of courses you register for. The complete training package is offered at $4,725 representing over 200 hours of direct class time covering 26 weeks, at a 22% cost savings of $1,350.

All sessions are recorded and distributed to all students so you can refer to them at your own convenience. Courses are grouped in a variety of ways to match your desired course selections.

Class schedules are flexible as we try to accommodate your individual needs.


  • Valuable training
  • Personal attention
  • Flexible schedules
  • Value pricing
  • Recorded and distributed sessions

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For more information or to register for any courses, please contact Pat Arcadipane as follows:
(646) 704-0222