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Cash Back

You can receive cash from us just by opening an account with FXCM or through the cash rebate program.* We offer a ½ pip rebate for every round turn trade you complete, which comes to a cash rebate of $5 for every standard lot you trade using your FXCM account, just for using us as your referral source! If you trade 40 lots a month, you’ll get a rebate of $200 a month totaling $2,400 a year.

All you have to do to start receiving cash back is open your FXCM or forex trading account and include as your introducing broker. See how much you could be saving every time you trade.

Cash Back
Standard Lots Per month Per year
10 $50 $600
25 125 1500
50 250 3000
100 500 6000

Rebates of $5 per standard lot and $.50 per mini-lot are paid on round turn trades.

*Please see complete terms of service.

How it works is an introducing broker for FXCM and Once you open an account with FXCM or, you will get all the customer service and benefits that FXCM provides. However, you will also get all the benefits that provides including cash back on every trade you complete; and, as long as you meet the monthly minimum trading requirement of 20 mini-lots or 2 standard lots, you will receive customer guidance and support and access to the premium education package.

As an introducing broker, we are compensated by FXCM or for every trade you make at no additional cost to you. Because we are an independent company, we can take a portion of our compensation and return it to you. It’s that simple.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (646) 704-0222.