October, 2011

Oct 11

Forex News: British Pound Weighs Over The US

The British Pound now officially outweighs the US Dollar.
This occurrence can be attributed to increased risk appetite on
the Forex Market, and the expectance for a European Deal to
be closed by Wednesday. Although currently standing in a
powerful position, the Cash Mechanics prediction is that this is
not a permanent standing.

In relation to Currency trading, the British pound is
currently benefiting from higher global equities, in addition to
predictions that issues concerning the European sovereigns
debt crisis will soon come to a resolve. In the international
Currency Trading Market, the British pound is directly up
against the United States dollar, but still falling behind one of
the major currencies: the Euro. The pound is also down against
the Canadian Dollar, which holds more trading potential, and
the support of higher commodity prices.

The Euro, in relation to the Currency Trading Market is
currently benefiting from the positive rumors that a deal has,
in fact, been reached between Germany and France regarding
the European System of Financial Supervisors.

As soon as this week, the Forex Market may see some
change in the value of the British pound, and whether or not it
can hold its weight against the US dollar for an extended
period of time. Although the Eurozone debt resolution deal
may be announced on Wednesdays, it is likely that one of the
clauses will include private bondholder to incur some of the
cost. This could mean that British banks, which have high
exposure to the European sovereign debt, could suffer a major
hit without the backing that other Eurozone banks will receive.

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Oct 11

Company Moody’s recent decision to downgrade European

Banks’ credit rating is creating pressure for the European Authorities. Economists
all agree that Europe allowing their state banks to fall into such situations is
unfathomable. After holding several meetings on the discussion about the Mechanics of the
European debt crisis, German and French leaders state that “Significant Changes”
will be implemented within the European States in the near future. Both Angela
Merkel, German Chancellor, and Nicolas Sarkozy stated that in order to further
facilitate these cash mechanics, closer cooperation amongst the European Union
countries will be required.

Amongst the economic turmoil in the Euro Zone, France is claiming the need
to tap into the European Financial Rescue Fund. Germany has officially stated their
disapproval of this action by claiming that such actions are a means of a last resort.
Watch out for these recent events when trading currency on your Forex Trading
Account, especially when dealing with the EURO.

While the Euro struggles, The Chinese government has made a recent
announcement stating that in order to restore stability in the banking system, they
would begin making a series of dedicated investments into their state banks. This
is good news for the Chinese Yen, as it will remain strong on the Currency Trading

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