July, 2011

Jul 11

FX NOW And Weekly Swing Trade Analysis Results

Cashmechanics.com offers two signal services to help you save time and participate in the currency markets with a plan.

Here are some recent results:

FX Now Today’s Picks: +321 pips June 2011

This does not account for spreads and slippage, but the trade ideas offered for the month of June yielded a profitable result overall.

Out of the 21 trade ideas, 10 stopped out. 4 trades were still open at the time of the data collection and 7 were winners.

What gives this system an edge is the risk/reward structure built into the strategy. Losses are usually 1/3 of a winner. You can have 5 losses in a row and two winners will do more than break you even. This is a typical profile of a trend following strategy.

Weekly Swing Trade Analysis +335 pips June 2011

Out of 11 trades there were 3 losses, 2 possible break evens, and 6 wins. This method depends on the weekly trend and attempts to participate in opportunities if certain scenarios present themselves.

**Historical performance is not indicative of future results.